DSK Asphalt is applicable for all types of roads

DSK Asphalt in use on:

DSK Asphalt auf Autobahnen

Best profitability: In the production and sanitation of large highway surfaces. Here, DSK Asphalt convinces with its outstanding quality price ratio.

DSK Asphalt auf Landstraßen
Rural Roads

Safety first: DSK Asphalt guarantees, even after a long period of use, the best grip and sufficient traction for all types of vehicles and is therefore an optimal pavement in rural areas.

DSK Asphalt auf Regional- und Kreisstraßen
Regional- and District roads

Flexible maintenance without lengthy traffic jams: When using Microsurfacing, roads can be made available again after 20 minutes. That way, important regional and district roads can be spared long stoppages.

DSK Asphalt auf Stadt- und Gemeindestraßen
City and Community Streets

Permanent durability: Streets built or renewed with Microsurfacing fulfill all quality criteria even after 15 years. This is a plus for the sustainable and cost-sensible traffic planning in cities and communities.

DSK Asphalt auf Rad- und Gehwegen
Bicycle and pedestrian lanes

Eco balance beyond compare: CO2 emissions, which through the production and installation of Microsurfacing can be reduced by up to 75 percent, lead especially in direct contact with nature to a noticeably smaller carbon footprint.